Ballarat West Presbyterian Church
Bringing God's Word to God's World

Ballarat West Presbyterian Church


Grace Presbyterian Church has as its heart the desire to bring Gods Word into Gods World.

Our vision is to worship God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and to proclaim the whole counsel of God: for the building up of the saints, the supporting of world mission and the evangelisation of the community of Sebastopol, Delacombe and neighbouring municipalities as God gives us opportunity.

The Christians deepest desire is to worship God. This worship must have a corporate expression whereby the Christians total being seeks to adore God in response to His grace. This worship is to be directed to God and not man. We hold that God alone is the determiner of what is acceptable as worship, and that therefore all worship must come under His scrutiny and approval of the Bible.

Christian worship is spiritual in nature and as such the worship service is to be kept simple as distinct from ritualistic, it is to highlight corporate as distinct from individualistic worship, and where instruments are to be employed they are to be in the background assisting rather than dominating the praise of God by His people.

This is a Bible believing and teaching church, with a high priority placed on this activity. All preaching and teaching is clearly based upon the authority of the Bible with a clear call that we respond to Gods Word with changed lives.

The preaching stresses:

  • The person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, showing contemporary man the reality and need of Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh.
  • That salvation is all of grace.
  • The necessity of the new birth, the reality of which is evidenced by repentance unto God and faith in Christ.
  • And that the Christian should live a life that is so different because of that grace that it brings glory to God.

The Church is a body of believers, each of whom is individually important, and to whom each other is to have a ministry of love and edification. This is to be translated into building each other up in the faith and in bearing each others burdens as they occur. There may be one Pastor, but all members are Ministers.

The Church sees that God has given particular responsibility to bring His free offer of salvation through Christ to all in the Sebastopol, Delacombe and surrounding area and beyond where appropriate.

World mission involvement is an essential ingredient in the life of the Church. We commit ourselves to pray for and remain in contact with those who come from amongst us or have for a time been with us, as well as for others that the congregation may decide to formally support from time to time. As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, we desire to be informed of all world mission work of our church and seek the assistance of the World Mission committee of our church to achieve this.

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