Crossover is an initiative of Australian Baptist ministries; we help the church to share the gospel, develop evangelists, plant churches, shape mission, do important research and share great ideas.


Crossover is the agent of the Baptist movement in Australia which equips the church to creatively share the good news of Jesus, as it demonstrates Christ's love in the community.

This happens through innovation in resources, mentoring, gatherings and events that take the diversity of Australian contexts seriously. We are an advocate and champion for witness in both word and deed among mission-shaped churches.

We use four metaphors to describe Crossover's objectives:

A BROKER: Matching the best ideas, tools and user-friendly resources in evangelism with Churches keen to reach their neighbours.

A MIRROR: Reflecting back to the church how we're doing and highlighting the trends in our culture that offer opportunities for presenting Jesus' good news.

A TABLE: Bringing specialist expertise and strategic missional thinkers together to "spark" new ideas for reaching our nation for Christ.

A TOOLBOX: Producing low cost evangelistic resources that provoke spiritual exploration and enable gospel-sharing dialogue.

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