Thornleigh Comm Baptist Church
Thornleigh Community Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Churches of NSW&ACT.
Baptist Churches Western Australia
Baptist Churches Western Australia (BCWA) exists to serve the Baptist churches, agencies and institutions by doing those activities which are better achieved when we work together.
Penguin Baptist Church
Penguin Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Union of Tasmania.
King's Baptist Church
King's Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Churches of South Australia.
Emmanuel Karen Baptist Church Inc
Emmanuel Karen Baptist Church Inc is a member of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia.
Oakleigh Baptist Church
Oakleigh Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Union of Victoria.
Gordon Baptist Church
Gordon Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Churches of NSW&ACT. Their fellowship began in 1917 as Pymble Baptist Church.


Information for Organisations

Application Form

Please click here to complete the GiveWay Application Form to setup a GiveWay payment portal for your Organisation.

Why another payment portal? You would be aware there are many payment portals available. Why GiveWay?

GiveWay is set up with the idea of supporting Churches and Ministries in particular. Our aim is to minimise cost as much as possible and provide a streamlined efficient service for payers and ministry. The difference between us and other payment portals is that we have a specialised understanding of Christian Ministry organisations and Churches.

How many settlements will Organisations receive and what reports will they be provided?

For Credit Card (CC) daily settlement will be received.

For Direct Debit (DD) weekly settlement for iGive.

Weekly reports will also be received for both methods of payment.

Settlement timeframes

DD settlement dates are within one week or 5 business days. CC settlements are within 1 day.

Fees and Charges

BFS will not be charging any merchant fees for Organisations to use these facilities for offerings, but a merchant commission rate of 0.8% will apply for other payments.

Can the payer return to the Organisation/Church website after using the URL link to pay through GiveWay?

There are 2 parts to this answer:

  1. As part of the Organisation/Church setup BFS will provide the URL that takes your clients directly to your Organisation/Church GiveWay web page or the URL for your Campaign GiveWay web page.
  2. The URL link is added to your Organisation/Church website by your web developer who can choose whether or not the link opens in a new browser tab or the same tab. If they program the link to open in another tab then once the payer sees the payment thank you screen, they can choose to go back to their church tab and continue their Organisation/Church website browsing.

Once an Organisation Application form has been submitted how long until the Organisation can provide a URL to their payers?

Approximately 4-6 weeks.


BFS will continue to provide iGive services as part of the new GiveWay service. iGive is an anonymous offerings service. BFS provides the facility for congregations of churches to make regular electronic contributions to support the ministry of the church and without cost.

Information for Payers

Will payment via Credit card (CCR) and Direct Debit (DDR) be registered same day?

Payments are processed as soon as possible. Currently we are experiencing a high volume of payments.

Will tax deductible receipts be provided for the 2015-2016 financial year?

GiveWay is not planning to send receipts for the 2015-2016 financial year as GiveWay was live for only a month and most published campaigns were iGive, which are not tax deductible.

Will tax deductible receipts be provided for the financial year onwards?

Receipts will be provided annually at the end of the Tax Year – separate for Credit card and Direct Debit.

How can a payer make a one-off payment on a day other than today via Credit Card?

When you complete your payment form then select “Make Scheduled Payment”, not “Make Single Payment”.

Is GiveWay offering a push or a pull Direct Debit system?
GiveWay Direct Debit payments offer a pull system. Money will be pulled from the client accounts by BFS Schedules.

In the migration of iGive payers is there a possibility that duplicate payments could be removed from the payer accounts?

No, this possibility has been taken into account with the migration planning.

Can a payer change or cancel their payments?

In the Service Agreements for both Credit Card and Direct Debit payments the following is stated:

The GDDR may be cancelled, but is not able to be changed or varied in any way. To cancel a GDDR you must notify us by any of the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 1300 650 542
  • Mail: BFS GiveWay, Level 4, 5 Saunders Close Macquarie Park NSW 2113
  • Arranging it through your own financial institution

at least four (4) days before the next debit day.

A new GDDR may be established to give effect to any changes or variations you require after you have given notice of cancellation of your previous GDDR in 3.1 above.

Service Agreement

Please click here for a copy of the GDDR Service Agreement.