Gordon Baptist Church
Gordon Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Churches of NSW&ACT. Their fellowship began in 1917 as Pymble Baptist Church.

Gordon Baptist Church

We are a Baptist church, a member of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT. Our fellowship began in 1917 as Pymble Baptist Church. In February 1988, the church relocated to its present site in Gordon and so became Gordon Baptist Church. We are now engaged in an exciting new redevelopment of our church and are looking forward to completion of that project in October.

Gordon Baptist Church is governed on congregational principles. Church Meetings are held at least once a quarter and everyone is welcome to attend and to participate in discussion. However, only members may vote, where voting is necessary. Church Meetings are advertised in the weekly GBC Bulletin.

Function leaders assist with communication and support, providing links between the leadership team and the various ministry groups.

There are 8 different function areas: Vision & Direction; Prayer; Creative Worship; Pastoral Care & Community; Outreach Local & Global; Compassion & Social Justice; Administration; and Teaching, Equipping & Training.

Our vision is to be a growing body of Christ's people:

  • responsive to the Holy Spirit
  • supportive of one another and
  • effective in expressing Gods love and truth to our community and the world

Our purpose is to build a distinctive community of God's people:

to grow in communion with God

  • becoming more like Jesus Christ
  • relying increasingly on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit
  • fostering an active and effective prayer and worship life

to grow in community with one another

  • ensuring sound biblical teaching and effective learning experiences
  • providing corporate worship experiences that enrich personal worship
  • identifying, enhancing and encouraging the use of spiritual gifts
  • developing an effective care network

to actively pursue our commission to reach others

  • making Jesus known to those who do not yet know Him
  • providing a Christ-like example daily
  • showing Gods love in practical ways, particularly to the marginalised


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