Northside Baptist Church
The mission of Northside is to follow Jesus, love people and live justly.

Northside Baptist Church


The point of it all is to be with Jesus.[1] Jesus calls us as disciples to follow him.[2] As we do, we experience in community his presence in all of life.[3] By his presence, Jesus - the creative Word of God[4] - forms and reforms us in his image.[5] We believe this is the life for which we are created. It is the best way to live.


The three core values of Northside Baptist Church (NSB) are therefore discipleship, community, and creativity.
+ Discipleship (Following Jesus) As we respond to Jesus’ call, we grow in experiencing the life of grace -victory over sin and a renewed relationship with God.
+ Community (Loving People) While Jesus calls us individually, he calls us into community. Discipleship is not an individual pursuit, but a communal practice.
+ Creativity (Living Justly) God is a creative God who spoke all creation into existence as a creative act – we join with him in acknowledging its goodness. Jesus speaks change into our lives, and all creation, as a re-creative act – we join with him in setting things right.


Our vision - flowing directly from these values - is that we desire to see;
Communities changed by Jesus


Healthy disciples bringing change into community through healthy church-planting churches.

Discipleship to Jesus is the foundation of change and therefore at the centre of all we do. We therefore invest our prayer, time, effort, and resources in supporting the implementation of the following five key facets of discipleship in community.
+ Alpha and Follow
+ Sundays (including Worship & Families)
+ Connect Groups
+ Love Crows Nest (Including Breakfast, Garden, Helps, Fair Trade Alley, Carols)
+ Sending (including Partnerships in Mission and Church Multiplication)

Church multiplication

As we continue to build on what we have and where we are, church multiplication is the next step and logical outcome of the expression of our values, vision, mission, and strategy.

Following Jesus, Loving People, Living Justly

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