Sonlife Church Inc
We are a contemporary Reformed Charismatic Church with a passion for God’s word. Our mission is to bring glory to God by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sonlife Church Inc

Sonlife is a community of people who are learning together about Jesus and his amazing love for people, and then helping others do the same.



Our mission is to bring glory to God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At the centre of God’s mission is bringing reconciliation and redemption to a fallen creation. This centre is found in the person of Jesus Christ. In Jesus we experience the grace of God, the love of God, the justice of God, the compassion of God, the mercy of God, the holiness of God and the patience of God. It is in this gospel that we see the vivid and comprehensive demonstration of God’s glory.

So, at Sonlife Church we are really all about Jesus Christ. We want to make disciples of Jesus – someone entirely devoted to worshiping Him alone. By worship we don’t mean over a song during a Sunday service but rather see that every thought, desire, deed, and word brings glory to Jesus Christ.


We see ourselves a church in the western suburbs of Perth transforming personal lives, families and our city through the Gospel.

Core Values

*Passionate in worship
*Authentic in our relationships
*Intentional in discipleship

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